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What Are The Signs of a Damaged Roof?

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Roof leaks are much more serious than one would think. Unattended signs of roof damage can lead to water damage to your property, mold growth, and even severe structural problems. In this blog, we explore the different signs of damage to look out for during your next roof inspection.

Damaged Plumbing Vents

If there are cracks in the plastic bases or broken seams on the metal bases of plumbing vents, or if the rubber boot is rotted or torn, the vent boot should be replaced. Even subtle signs of damage such as stains, shinners (nails that missed the framing), and mold growth should be properly identified and dealt with in order to avoid an expensive roof replacement. A roofing specialist has a deep understanding of the various components of a roof, including plumbing vents. Moreover, they can provide practical advice and solutions for dealing with damaged roofs.

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Ceiling Stains

Water stains on the ceiling indicate a leaky roof that needs to be located and repaired promptly. In this case, thorough inspections are crucial because even a small leak can result in severe structural damage. A roofing contractor can replace damaged components and recommend preventive measures to avoid future issues. 


Shiners are nails that missed the framing member and can cause condensation when moisture is present. You can easily identify this by looking for white, frosted nails in the attic on a cold night. To address this issue, a professional roofer will clip the nail with side-cutting pliers to prevent condensation and ensure proper insulation and ventilation in the attic.

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Damaged Shingles

Damaged roof shingles can cause a wide range of problems, from water leaks and hail damage to unexpected increases in your energy bills. A problem-solving mindset is essential when dealing with damage to roof shingles. A roofing specialist can provide practical advice and solutions.

Dirty, Clogged Soffits

To maintain proper airflow and prevent moisture buildup, it is important to regularly clean and maintain dirty, clogged soffits. Anexperienced roofer can perform thorough inspections to identify signs of damage around the soffits. Likewise, they can clear debris, ensure proper airflow from soffit vents to roof vents, and use plastic air chutes to maintain a clear air path.

Mold Where Roof and Exterior Wall Meet

If mold buildup where the roof and exterior wall meet is not addressed, it can lead to serious water damage. To address this issue,roofing experts often recommend installing kick-out flashing, which effectively directs water away from the wall.

Rusted Gutters

Inspecting and maintaining rusted gutters is essential to ensure proper drainage. To avoid advanced roof damage due to rusted gutters, professional roofers may suggest covering damaged areas with roof and gutter repair tape, removing rust with a wire brush, and regularly inspecting and maintaining gutters for rust and other damage.

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Roof Vent Issues

Several types of roof damage can be attributed to roof vent issues. They can cause roof sagging, frost, and ice dams. A roofing specialist can replace damaged roof vents rather than using caulk as a temporary fix. In addition, they can offer tips on how to repair or replace damaged components and suggest preventive measures to avoid future issues.

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Thanks to their technical expertise and attention to detail, roofing specialists can provide valuable advice and solutions for dealing with damaged roofs. LeMoine Roofing & Construction can provide you with everything you need to guarantee the safety and integrity of your roof. Together, we can assess and address the signs of damage related to various components of your roof such as plumbing vents, shingles, soffits, gutters, flashing, and vents.

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